40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (2024)

So, your little bundle of joy is turning nine! They’re leaving the land of childhood and entering their pre-teen years. This milestone deserves a celebration, but what can you do to make the day special?

Whether you’re planning a party for girls or boys, something indoors or outdoors, or looking for party games, we have forty 9th birthday ideas to inspire you. We’ve got great ideas for small get-togethers, a simple day with the family, or extravagant parties!

We’ll also share tips on how to throw a successful (and mostly stress-free) party for your nine-year-old. This day is important for them, but it’s also vital that you enjoy the time.

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  • 9th Birthday Ideas for Girls
  • 9th Birthday Ideas for Boys
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  • Outdoor 9th Birthday Ideas
  • How To Throw a Fun 9th Birthday Party
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9th Birthday Ideas for Girls

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (1)

Do you want to plan your daughter a party that is out-of-this-world special? Here are 10 ideas for themes, activities, decorations, and more.

1. Garden Tea Party

While this is quite a sophisticated theme, your nine-year-old will love it! She’ll feel like a proper grown-up, enjoying finger sandwiches, delicious cakes, and caffeine-free tea. Decorate the garden like a magical fairyland and encourage the guests to wear beautiful dresses.

2. Art Party

Making art together will create special memories. Set up a table with art supplies and an easel for each child, and teach them how to draw something. Using step-by-step instructions can help kids who aren’t as confident. Those who want to do their own thing totally can!

3. Let’s Go to the Movies

Take your daughter and her friends to see a new movie! At this age, you could possibly leave them in the theater and wait at the cafe while the film is on. Give everybody money for drinks, popcorn, and a snack — a totally awesome birthday party idea!

4. Dress Up Party

This is a dream theme for a fashionista! On a rack, put together some fun and fancy outfits for the girls to get glam. Once they’ve all chosen their favorite outfits, they can do a catwalk or a photoshoot together.

5. Balloon Party

You don’t have to do anything that out-of-the-box to create a memorable party. A simple balloon-themed party can be a hit. You can use regular balloons or paper balloon lanterns, which will look stunning.

6. Her Favorite Character

Who is your daughter’s favorite fictional character? Hilda, Hermoine Granger, or Princess Leia? Whoever it is — theme her birthday around the character! She will love it, and it will encourage her friends to share her interests.

7. Sports Tournament

Take your daughter and her friends to a sporting venue to play her favorite sport, whether that’s volleyball, gymnastics, or even bowling! This takes care of an activity and theme all in one — and then you can visit a restaurant afterward for a quick bite to eat.

8. Around the World

Does your daughter have big dreams of traveling one day? This special birthday theme idea reminds you that you see her and her biggest goals. With travel-inspired decorations, a globe cake, and food from various countries, guests can experience tastes from around the world.

9. Cloud 9

If she wants a pretty party, this fluffy and calming theme will be just the thing. Celebrate with a Cloud 9 party using cloud decor, lots of comfy pillows, white balloons, and tasty treats. For an activity, you can do a fun craft or a DIY spa.

10. Tie Dye Party

This is a cool party idea for summer or winter, as you can do it indoors or outside! Ask guests to bring a white t-shirt (so you don’t have to guess sizes) and start the tye-dying process. While the shirts are soaking, feed the kids — a buffet will work great.

Finish the tie-dying process after food. Once the shirts are done, everyone has done an activity, eaten some food, and has a favor to take home. Success!

9th Birthday Ideas for Boys

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (2)

Here are 10 unique ideas that your son will love.

11. Magic Tricks Party

Hire a magician or teach your son some magic tricks to show off at his party! You could also split the kids into two groups and teach both groups different magic tricks so they can impress each other.

12. Visit the Arcade

An arcade is a wonderland for young boys! Give everybody a cash pot to spend at the arcade (instead of doing goody bags), and let them run wild. Make sure there are enough parents around to keep track of all the kids. After they’ve played all their coins, you can visit a diner for some grub.

This is a fantastic idea if you’re planning something at the last minute. You won’t need to book a slot at the arcade. Just show up with the kids and have fun!

13. Slime Party

Whether you’re nine or 90, slime is fun. Set the kids up with all the tools needed to make slime — they can choose their own color — and enjoy the silliness. You can also have slime-themed cookies and snacks to complete the aesthetic.

14. Mad Scientist

This is a fantastic theme if your son loves science, geeking out, and trying new experiments! You could teach some science experiments, don everyone in a lab coat, and do a periodic table quiz.

15. Movie Marathon

If your little boy is obsessed with a specific franchise — like Harry Potter, Marvel, or Stranger Things — host a movie marathon. This is a blast for large groups or simply a couple of friends.

16. Lego

If you’re looking for a fun theme, Lego is a great idea! It’s easy to decorate a party with Lego motifs. And a fun activity, of course, would be building a Lego set together.

17. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

There are many fun ways to interpret this theme, but if your son loves these stories, give it a go! Decorate with black and white balloons, lanterns, and banners, add cartoon-themed posters to the venue, and get kids to draw Greg with icing on a cookie!

18. Gingerbread House Decorating

If your son’s birthday is in December, gingerbread house decorating is an excellent Christmas-themed idea. Each child can build their own house, and the winner takes a prize! They can take the houses back to their home afterward or eat them together while watching a movie.

19. Indoor Rock Climbing

Let the kids hang out at an indoor rock climbing center! Whether the guests have tried this before or this is their first time, they’ll have tons of fun. If there’s a cafe or a function room in the center, chill out there for birthday cake and opening presents.

20. Harry Potter Party

It won’t be long until your little one gets their Hogwarts letter. But until then, they can still celebrate the wizarding world of Harry Potter. From magical flying keys decor to a “happee birthdae” cake, your son will be wowed by the magic.

9 Year Old Birthday Party Games

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (3)

Now that you’ve got a theme, you need to plan party games! We have 10 ideas to keep guests entertained during the festivities.

21. Video Games

There are many video games that can entertain a small group of nine-year-olds. Mario Kart, Fortnite, or Minecraft are all great ideas. If you’re planning a retro theme, dig out your old console for the kids to try.

22. Karaoke

If your son or daughter is musical and loves performing, a karaoke party is a great way to celebrate with him or her! Buy a karaoke machine or book a venue that includes one and let kids put in song requests. While it’s not really a party game, you could turn it into a pop song battle.

23. Musical Chairs

This classic party game is a hit all the way into adulthood! It’s a good way to fill 15 minutes of your child’s birthday party between a few other silly games.

24. Egg Toss

This game is tons of fun and even funnier if you use raw eggs. Split the group into pairs — they have to toss the egg back and forth between their partners. Every time they both catch it, they take a step further away from each other and continue the game. The last pair without a cracked egg wins!

25. Treasure Hunt

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (4)
Challenge your creative side, as well as the kid’s problem-solving skills, with a treasure hunt. Write out riddles for them to solve, leading them from one spot to the next before they finally find a hidden treasure!

26. Partners In Pen

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (5)
This silly game will be new to many kids, making it extra exciting. Fill a bag with random objects from around the house. Split the guests into two teams.

Two members from each team play per round. One person takes an item out of the bag, where no one else can see it, and describes it to the other team member, who has to draw it. The person describing can’t say the item’s name or what it’s used for.

If the person drawing or the team figures out what the item is, they get a point.

27. Elephant March

This game will have all the guests cracking up! Stick a ball in a pair of tights. Players must wear the tights on their head as they swing the ball around, knocking over cups or bottles. This game can be played as part of a series of games in Minute To Win It.

28. Chocolate Game

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (6)
Ask kids to sit in a circle and place a chocolate bar alongside a knife, fork, dice, and dressing-up clothes in the middle. Kids take turns rolling the dice, and when they get a six, they have to put on the clothes, cut up the chocolate using the silverware, and eat the chocolate — one square at a time.

The other kids continue rolling the dice, and the next person who gets a six has to put on all the clothes and start eating the chocolate. You have to be super quick to get the clothes on and start eating before the next person rolls a six.

The game is over when the chocolate bar is finished. There is no winner to this — it’s just a bit of silly fun!

29. Drama Bag Game

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (7)
Fill two bags with random items: a book, earrings, chapstick, and so on. Divide the guests into two teams and give a bag to each team.

Each team goes into a separate room to look through the items. They have to create a skit that includes all the items in the bag. They have 10 minutes to prepare!

This silly game encourages creativity and, without a doubt — tons of giggles.

30. Mummy Wrapping

All you need is some toilet roll and a willingness to look silly! Split the kids into two teams and time them as they wrap one person from each team in toilet paper, creating a mummy. Whoever completes it first wins!

Alternative Method

Split the group into three or more teams and give them a theme. If your party already has a theme, use that. For instance: princesses. Each team has to create a princess dress out of toilet paper. Whoever is the most beautiful wins!

Outdoor 9th Birthday Ideas

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (8)

Celebrate your child in nature for their birthday! Getting outdoors opens you up to many exciting party opportunities.

31. Animal Party

Spend your child’s birthday surrounded by their favorite animals. Visit a petting zoo, an alpaca farm, or an aquarium. Wander around, learning about the animals, before enjoying a picnic or going to a restaurant.

32. Party in the Park

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (9)
Have fun in the sun at your favorite playpark! Kids can run around for hours, making up their own games, playing tag, or just hanging out on the swings. You can set up a buffet or provide a picnic for all the guests before opening presents together.

33. On the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach — why not celebrate there? At this age, kids will love hanging out with their friends at the beach, building sandcastles, getting a tan, or playing in the water.

34. Crazy Golf

Taking kids to party places is much easier at this age. If your child is interested in playing mini golf for their birthday party, there are plenty of outdoor spaces to have fun with friends!

35. Ropes Course

It might not be a parent’s first choice, but it’s an unforgettable and thrilling party idea for a nine-year-old. This is best for a small group of two or three friends. Make sure you choose somewhere with many safety protocols and that the kids remain sensible throughout the experience. But besides that, your daredevil son or daughter will enjoy spending the day high in the sky!

36. In the Wild

Take your child camping for their 9th birthday. You can go somewhere super beautiful with fantastic scenery. Whether you’re taking them alone or they’re allowed to bring a few friends, this will be a birthday they will never forget.

37. Swim Party

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (10)
You can’t beat a pool party. Whether you have a pool in the backyard or you want to take the kids to a waterpark, this is an unbeatable way to celebrate a ninth birthday!

38. Maze Party

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (11)
If you live near an outdoor maze, this is a fun and unique way to celebrate turning nine. Send the kids into the maze and let them figure out their escape. Teamwork makes the dream work! Once they succeed, reward them with a picnic in the park and some time to run around and play.

39. Ice Skating

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (12)
Hey, just because your birthday is in the colder months doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate outside. Ice skating is a mesmerizing and exciting way to celebrate a nine-year-old. Let them invite a few friends and watch on the sidelines as they master the ice.

40. Ice Cream Bar

If I walked into a party with an ice cream bar at this age, my heart would have skipped a beat! Set up a table with various ice cream flavors, lots of toppings, and of course, sauce!

How To Throw a Fun 9th Birthday Party

The party will be fun: you have chosen a theme, organized yummy food, and planned a few activities. But if you’re still fretting about the finer details, we have some top tips for ensuring the party is a success.

  • Consider a sleepover (or don’t): Your child might be asking for a sleepover party at this age. This is a great age for slumber parties and might make the party run smoother. The kids will have more time, you can provide a simple dinner and breakfast, and parents will stay out of the way. However, if it’s too overwhelming, explain this to your child and offer an alternative.
  • Make it welcoming: Nine-year-olds are much more aware of their surroundings and might feel awkward upon arriving. So ensure the first five minutes of the party make them feel comfortable and welcome. Perhaps you have a welcome activity, like making a silly nametag or putting in a song request, which will break the ice.
  • Offer refreshments immediately: When people enter the party, offer them a snack and a drink. Kids will feel a lot more at home with something in their hands.
  • Play games: Nine-year-olds aren’t entirely ready to map out all their own fun. So have a few games planned to keep the momentum going. If you don’t end up using the games, that’s totally fine!
  • Let the kids lead the day: Your presence is vital at the party, but you don’t need to get involved in everything as you once did. Be nearby, but don’t hover around the birthday boy or girl. Let the kids lead the day and be there when needed.
  • Play music: Older kids love music, so make a playlist with your little one.
  • Have a clean-up committee: There will be a mess when the party ends. So have a cleanup plan. Perhaps you, your partner, and your older kids can clean up. The grandparents may be happy to help once the guests have gone home. Having a plan makes the mess much more manageable.
  • Planning the guest list: At this age, your little one might want to invite a lot of people. Maybe even the whole class! But you have to choose a manageable number. Anywhere between five and 10 guests are best. If your child wants more guests, consider doing an outdoor party, which will be less cramped.
  • Plan the party length: If you are doing a sleepover, ask parents to drop off around 6 p.m. and pick up at 10 a.m. If you aren’t doing a sleepover, plan for the party to be around three hours long.
  • Choose the day wisely: A Saturday party is best for a nine-year-old. This gives you Friday night to prepare and Sunday to recover. If you throw it on a Sunday, you’ll be tired going into your working week!


40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (13)

What Is Special About Being 9 Years Old?

This age is towards the end of childhood and precedes the pubescent years when everything changes. At this age, kids are very interested in being liked and getting their peer’s approval. Some children have already started puberty, which can make this age quite emotional; your child might feel self-conscious.

On a happier note, kids are discovering the areas where they succeed. Are they athletic? Do they thrive in literacy and reading? Once they find something they’re good at, they generally become fascinated by it at this age.

Another exciting milestone is that their speech improves at this age and becomes much more adult-like. They are able to verbalize their thoughts and feelings more clearly, too.

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (14)

What Can I Do Instead of a Birthday Party?

If you’re skipping the party this year, you can still make it a happy birthday for your child.

When your child is sleeping, decorate the house. Birthday banners, balloons, and making a birthday chair will bring tons of excitement when they wake up.

During the day, let your child choose the various activities. Doing a morning, afternoon, and evening activity to fill the day will be fun.

Even if you’re not throwing a party, it doesn’t mean you can’t give presents. Choose a few meaningful presents for a nine-year-old, wrap them up individually, and get them to search for them around the house.

If you’re in the tradition of going away for your child’s birthday, book that family vacation and celebrate their birthday with a delicious meal.

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (15)

What Should I Gift a 9-Year-Old?

Your son or daughter likely has clear preferences and interests now. We recommend choosing a present that will mean something to them. For instance, if they love dressing up and fashion, it might mean a lot to them to choose a necklace with their birthstone in it.

Other ideas for boys, girls, and unisex presents, include:

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (16)

How Long Should a 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Be?

It depends on the child and the plans. If you’re having an afternoon party at home, three hours is best. You might need to schedule a little extra time if you’re going out bowling or to a trampoline park.

But if your child wants a sleepover party, you’re looking at a longer event. To keep everyone punctual, state a drop-off and pick-up time on the invite.

40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (17)

Do 9-Year-Olds Still Play With Toys?

Yes. Play is still crucial to development at this stage. Not only do toys encourage imagination, but they help a child engage with their senses, have fun and relax.

You might notice your child plays with toys less often or leans towards games, puzzles, and books more. But that’s still under the umbrella of ‘play’ and is very important.

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40 Creative 9th Birthday Ideas: for Girls & Boys (2024)


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  • “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”
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How long should a 9 year olds birthday party be? ›

1.5-2 hours is the ideal length for a kid's party. The younger the kids, the shorter the party should be. If the party is longer than two hours, be sure to provide lots of entertainment and snacks! Set up food and games Put out party favors Turn on music Set out notepad and pen for writing down gifts Rest!

Why is 9 9 the most common birthday? ›

According to data collected over more than 20 years, the most common birthday is September 9, which just so happens to literally be Labor Day, depending on the year. Here's the thing though, the numbers aren't all that dramatically different than most other days.

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My nine wishes for you:
  1. May you continue to be a big dreamer. ...
  2. May your willingness to speak to everyone continue into your old age. ...
  3. May you never lose your compassion. ...
  4. May you never lose your artistic streak. ...
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  3. Gift a poem.
  4. Create artwork.
  5. Craft a handmade card.
  6. Send a handwritten letter.
  7. Choreograph a dance or do a Tik Tok video just for them.
Aug 3, 2020

How do I surprise my daughter on her birthday? ›

For the younger set, consider something like a personalized jewelry box or a special toy that she'll cherish for years to come. A new laptop or tablet may be just the ticket if she's a bit older. Or, you could splurge on a watch or a piece of fine jewelry to make her feel extra special.

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  3. Hire Live Entertainment. ...
  4. Make It a Foam Party. ...
  5. Offer a Variety of Food and Drinks. ...
  6. Create a Comfortable and Inviting Atmosphere. ...
  7. Set the Stage for Socializing.
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What are some games or activities that can be done at a birthday party to keep guests entertained? A Game Night Theme featuring assorted games: card games, board games, charades, pictionary, truth or dare . . . Serve light fare, plenty of drinks, give prizes to winners . . . It would be a fun, and memorable affair.

How do I keep my kids occupied at an event? ›

These activities keep the kids from getting bored with adult oriented entertainment and gives adults the peace of mind that the children will be occupied and not disruptive.
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  4. Eye Spy. ...
  5. Photo Booth. ...
  6. Kids Area. ...
  7. Extra Pointers.

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